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"God always has His angels to come to your help"

Here’s my testimony: I have known Doug and Peggy for several years now. They have always been involved in ministry and particularly in preaching the gospel of Jesus, praying, ministering, and helping the body of Christ in their capacity. My personal experience with Doug happened last year (2020) after returning from a trip in South America. Two days after the world shut down due to the pandemic. Join my arrival the new restrictions asked for a self 14 day quarantine. The following week clients started emailing saying they were stopping operations hence they no longer needed my services. In addition, I broke up with my new girlfriend. Two years earlier I signed divorced after 21 years marriage. I felt the world and my world were collapsing before my very own eyes. I started feeling unrested and with the days became anxiety and depression that led to a panic attack that took me to the hospital. I wanted to take my life. Thankfully, God always have His angels to come to your help and that’s exactly what happened. Doug was contacted by my two good Christian friends and Doug didn’t hesitate to do a video chat that turned into an intercessory prayer that ended up being the only thing that could bring my peace back. Doug continued helping me for a couple months leading me through the One Whole Heart program to work on my spiritual well-being. I can’t help but to thank God for Doug’s intervention. He was an instrument in God’s hand to save me from doing something that would cause a great pain not just to me but everyone that cares and loves me. Thank you Doug and Peggy for opening your home and your hearts in a time when I needed a true servant of our Lord Jesus.

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