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Douglas and Peggy have been married for 36 years, they have 7 wonderful children ( one in heaven) and 7 beautiful Grandchildren. When Doug met Peggy he tried to convince her christianity was a falsehood. Despite this Peggy stayed rooted in her relationship with God and continued to pray and believe that there was a big calling on her and Doug's life together. Eventually two years later Doug had his first supernatural experience with God.  "I believed Jesus was who He said He was and God delivered me from an alcohol problem, crude speech, hate, self hatred/judgmental nature, insecurity, anxiety, fear, sadness, heaviness and God seriously softened my heart to let me forgive.  Best of all I began to have intimacy with a God who was real." Since then the couple have done local and foreign missions since 1988. They helped plant Churches in Vancouver, Colombia SA, Scotland and they are presently ministering on Vancouver Island.

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