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  • Douglas P. Scott

Thoughts on the Great Commision - With Video Message

There is kind of a misleading belief that when two or three gather there is the church. True but false. Where the local Ekklesia is everyone is in relationship with elders and the other 5 fold to some extent. Everyone needs Apostolic 5 fold ministry and a complete Great Commission. Good to do etymology of the Word "disciple" in Mth 28, but if we leave out the rest of the Commission recorded in Luke and Mk we could end up with an incomplete one with no preaching repentance and remission of sins, no casting out demons, no healing and binding up the broken hearted. Also, Luke intimates they will need to wait for POWER ( baptism of the Spirit) as a prerequisite for their discipleship. There maybe different theologies regarding the baptism of the Spirit...but if we have little power what is going on? Especially the leaders of the Church in Canada have a mandate from the Holy Lord of heaven and earth to herald the good news like a town crier. To cast out demons publically and to heal the sick physically and emotionally. May the rule, reign and government of God be present in every denomination, believer across this great land giving us opportunity to change our thinking and then our actions and to face the obvious.. Many, may have to lay everything down, weep at the state of the nation and seek a fresh Pentecost. We may need to confess that as good as our ministry seems we don't truly know how to preach, or experience a true demonstration of the Spirit and power. We don't know how to preach repentance and remission of sins in the power of the Spirit. We don't know how to cast out demons. No condemnation many of us never got this training. We have unknowingly disobeyed ---easy to agree with a politically correct spirit too It is all good Father knows but better to humble ourselves and seek His face, overcome our weakness and fears.

The good news is that as we embrace the Word and all the commission great grace can abound. God can open doors (Col 4:3) & provide "utterance" (Eph 6:19).

-Douglas P. Scott

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